In the field of dentistry in particular, it is important that a wide range of requirements are fulfilled in equal measure: Medical expertise, technical skills, technical equipment, a sound organizational structure and, last but not least, human qualities are all required in order to produce optimum results that you can enjoy for a long time to come.

ProphylaxisMeticulous dental hygiene is important

Regular examination of the teeth and mouth has been a must for a long time now. However, comprehensive dental hygiene also encompasses professional tooth cleaning and, if necessary, additional measures such as detoxing the mouth (Detox your mouth®).

PeriodonticsIncluding the gums and jaw bones

A weakened periodontium presents a risk for the tooth substance. The gums and jaw bones often require specific treatments for which we employ highly qualified specialists. Healthy gums that look fresh and uniform are an important factor in dental esthetics and add to the value of periodontal treatments.

Esthetic dentistryDental esthetics: for a winning smile

We know how important attractive teeth and a healthy mouth are to our appearance and the overall impression that people get of us because we know how much we notice these things in other people. The dental skills team is one of the most highly qualified providers of high-quality esthetic care with specific qualifications in methods such as bleaching, bonding, contouring, veneers, all-ceramic restorations and plastic-esthetic periodontal surgery.

EndodontologyMaximum precision with the microscope

Nowadays, non-vital teeth can be very effectively maintained within the set of teeth and enhanced from both a functional and esthetic perspective. There are therefore numerous benefits to be gained from qualified endodontology (endodontics for short):

ImplantologyThe best option for dental prosthesis

Nowadays, high-quality implants are often the preferred option for closing holes in the teeth. Advances in their development have meant that there are now many options for optimizing the quality and convenience of the treatment. For example, interim implants considerably improve quality of life during the healing period. An increasing number of implants can be successfully implemented nowadays, even in the event of existing damage to the jaw and gums, thanks to the options offered by augmentation, such as bone grafting by means of a sinus lift. In particular, immediate implants are often possible following the loss of teeth due to accidents.

Restorative dentistrySubstance-preserving restoration

If a tooth has been damaged, it is essential to provide an optimum substance-preserving restoration, which is also thoroughly sustainable and esthetically pleasing. The good news: painless treatment has long been standard practice for us.

Prosthetic dentistryMasterful craftsmanship in dental technology too

We are highly proficient in all available techniques for supplementing incomplete tooth substance or missing teeth. We will work with you to decide which option is best for you. Our in-house laboratory, the “limburger zahnmanufaktur”, ensures optimum quality in dental technology.

Functional diagnosticsThe importance of a holistic approach

Limited functionality of the chewing apparatus can cause a number of complaints that do not initially appear to be connected. Snoring, tinnitus or migraine, often in combination with stress, are related to disorders in the mouth far more frequently than you would generally think. Our extensive functional diagnostics provide clarity in this respect and identify approaches for dealing with the problem.

Treatment under general anesthesia

The safety and tolerability of modern anesthetics allows dental treatment with general anesthesia (intubation anesthesia), which is preferable in many cases to reduce anxiety for our more fearful patients without increasing risk.

Sedation with laughing gas

Nitrous oxide - or laughing gas - is an exceptionally well tolerated gas. Its analgesic, calming and relaxing effect was discovered in the 19th century and has since been used routinely.

You inhale a mixture of oxygen and laughing gas via a small nose mask. You remain responsive at all times while your sensitivity to pain is reduced. The effects of the laughing gas wear off in a matter of a few minutes after the completion of the treatment. This means you can leave our practice without an accompanying person.